Shanghai dragon and phoenix BBS share: how to chat with female ticket correctly


Some members often complain about how male tickets cry and how pathetic they are in Shanghai dragon & phoenix BBS. In fact, they don’t have good skills./p>

Boyfriend this creature is really strange, sometimes you can never imagine this is a normal boyfriend, boyfriend, after all, this is not the inspection first, are all need time to give a miracle of boyfriend to reflect, so you also is really can’t return. For example, what happens if you meet a guy who is like a customer service guy?

Recently on BBS, a girl posted a chat record of herself and her boyfriend as if she were a customer service person.

Saw the start of the chat, sister “baby baby, please,” customer service “hello,” her boyfriend, sister “quickly to help me buy tickets for the home in the afternoon, just yesterday I told you that tomorrow morning come back”, the boyfriend of the service “good,” sister “quickly, if sold out quickly,” boyfriend “good” service… After that, the typical sentence of this customer service boyfriend is even more funny. “please provide your id number and mobile phone number, thank you”. There are fifteen, thirty, and five forty

At that time may be a lot of people want to laugh, it reflected from the side, the woman is born with a romantic heart, you may find you not wrong, but in fact you is a mistake to pay attention to speaking skills, gentle is not wrong.

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