A 15-year-old girl suspected of being beaten in a dorm room?


A 15-year-old girl suspected of being beaten in a dormitory said she was forced to smoke a cigarette to cover her roommate’s bag, Shanghai longfeng reported.

Recently, the WeChat group or QQ group in ningdu county has been spreading the news that a female student was beaten up by video, with more than one million clicks and shares. It was reported that seven girls from a school in ningdu county, jiangxi province, suspected that they had been beaten and reported smoking to their teachers, so they were slapped, trampled and kicked.

Can see clearly in the video, a uniforms woman girl with one hand holding a girl’s hair in a white coat, another palm slap the girl, and said to her: “before the fault, if you do not say, there will be the end? You’re disgusting.” The girl who was beaten fell to the ground and could not resist.

After the outflow of video, local public security, education and other relevant departments attached great importance to it, and relevant departments immediately organized personnel to intervene in the investigation and pacify the parties concerned. The local education bureau announced on January 7, 2018 that the students have been punished and the students and their families are in stable mood. Yulin police have launched an investigation.

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