The posts in Shanghai 419 BBS have high credibility


We have stressed to every 419 BBS member in Shanghai: we must guarantee the authenticity of the post! Occasionally, we also organize verification team members to verify the sites. Emphasize that no unwarranted posts can be posted. Although the freedom of speech in the BBS, but also there is no limit to the post and charges, but in line with the responsible attitude, each post should consider when released, so that it can really help to those in need.

Welcome the broad masses of netizens in the BBS places in the district of Shanghai with verification, everyone can be discussed through the BBS, realize the resource sharing, of course, the premise is post information to authentic, avoid to cause misleading. Posting in Shanghai 419 BBS requires the verification of the administrator, so the accuracy of the information is relatively reliable. Only with a trusted platform can people like and welcome it.

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