How to maintain health care? Teach you to start with a massage!


Now society has a lot of young people because of work and entertainment needs to do a long time in computer desk, keep the sitting posture for a long time, over time cause spinal appear all sorts of problems. As the saying goes, “health is the capital of revolution”! Shanghai dragon phoenix BBS specially teaches you how to do effective massage after work to keep healthy!

The common techniques of massage include rolling, wrestling and pressing. For those who are keen on maintenance, massage can not only maintain the spine, but also relax the body and mind, so that the tired body can get adequate rest. In modern Chinese medicine, many doctors believe that massage can promote blood, lymphatic circulation and metabolic processes between tissues to coordinate the functions of tissues and organs. In addition, massage can also prevent cervical diseases, neurasthenia and hypertension and other diseases. The ancient medical book huangdi neijing once had such a record: “the channels and collaterals are not connected; The disease is born inbenevolence, treat it with massage “, this shows the effect of massage is still many.

Working hard to make money is to enjoy life better. Massage is the best way to enjoy life. For young people who pay attention to health care, it is a good choice to choose a suitable place after work, enjoy advanced massage techniques and experience professional technician services.

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